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Re: RFS: roxterm (now 1.15.2-1)

> On Mon, 6 Jul 2009 21:02:47 +0300
> George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> wrote:
> > Sure, fixing bugs is always welcome, so package reviewed and uploaded.
> Thanks. Should I contact you personally when I need a new release
> uploaded in future, or put it on sponsors.debian.net and post here
> again?

Upload to mentors.debian.net and an RFS ping to mentors list is preferred 
since a single sponsor could turn into single point of failure;-) I don't 
currently use that package, but uploaded it since it deals with bugs reported 
by our users; the more heat we have in the bug log, the more chances you get 
for upload by a random sponsor (provided they can deal with the package in 

> > Everything looks fine, except that `move-all-then-remove-some'
> > installation method [1] (which could be hazardous sometimes) could be
> > avoided by using dh_install(1) next time.
> >
> > [1]    $(MAKE) DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/roxterm install
> >         cp -f $(CURDIR)/debian/roxterm.xpm
> > $(CURDIR)/debian/roxterm/usr/share/pixmaps/
> >         $(RM) $(CURDIR)/debian/roxterm/usr/share/doc/roxterm/COPYING
> >         $(RM) $(CURDIR)/debian/roxterm/usr/share/doc/roxterm/AUTHORS
> >         $(RM) $(CURDIR)/debian/roxterm/usr/share/doc/roxterm/README
> Do you mean change DESTDIR to $(CURDIR)/debian/tmp then run dh_install
> with --exclude (can you use more than one --exclude per invocation?)
> and/or a roxterm.install file?

--exclude means it won't even move the file into package directory, not that it 
will remove it after moving it there. 

Generally, if you have a too noisy `make install', you can completely skip it, 
and use dh_install instead which reads the contents of: 


which in your case might look something like (reading from memory, so please 


Yes, multiple -X are allowed (dh_install -XITEM1 -XITEM2)

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