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Re: RFS: arc-colors, gnome-colors, shiki-colors

On Wed, 06 May 2009 17:55:22 +0200 Benjamin Drung wrote:

> gnome-colors 3.2 and shiki-colors 3.9 were released. I have updated the
> packages and uploaded them to mentors.debian.net.

Great, next time please send links to .dsc files, it's easier for me
then :)

Now my remarks:

 + I had expected lintian to barf about the long Format-Specification
   line, but it does not, ok, no change needed. (I used to do a
   line-break after the : in my packages).
 + You have "Copyright: Copyright © 2009, Victor Castillejo" everywhere,
   IMHO not a fault, but using only the © would be sufficient.

 +  Files: Tango based icons
    Copyright: PD
    Files: GNOME based icons
    Copyright: GPL-2
    is wrong:
     you want to name the files
     for the GNOME ones you miss the copyright holders
 + I still wonder about
   "All the icons were either created in Inkscape, modified from
    GNOME/Tango sources, or available under a free license." from the
    AUTHORS file, the last part implies there are more derivative works?

 + Why are these not included into upstreams tarballs? Because they
   have paths in them?

 + Run
   "grep -r home . |sed -e 's,.*/home/,,;s,/.*,,' |sort -u"
   It will tell you, that there are four people who did the stuff? 
   But you list only Victor in copyright.

 + The same is fun in gnome-colors (when you unpack the tarballs) :(
 + grep -ri licen gnome-*/* |grep -vi "GPL/2.0" |grep -vi "cc:license"
   is interesting too, it lists LGPL and CC-BY-SA-2.0 and 2.5 too.
   And also CC-BY-NC-3.0 too - this is non-free! :(

So besides of the copyright/licensing stuff, the packaging is good and
can be uploaded as soon you fix these :) [I know, collecting copyright
info is painfull, but if we wouldn't do that, we'd still use Windows ;)]


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