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Re: make in pbuilder error

On Sat, 18 Apr 2009 22:37:40 +0200 (CEST)
Jaromír Mikeš <mira.mikes@seznam.cz> wrote:

> > Od: Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>
> > You need to work out which library (libfoo.so) contains the undefined
> > references and ensure that the objects are linked against them.
> I've tried. Is there some good way how find library with these referencies?


If it's a packaged library, it will be in /usr/lib/ or a directory
beneath that.
> > It could be that a dependency that exists outside the pbuilder chroot
> > changes the way that the package builds, leading to parts of the code
> > being enabled (or disabled) when it does not happen that way outside
> > the chroot. Some packages use "auto-detection" of some libraries and
> > these can be a source of such problems. If the package *had* built, you
> > could have found that the package built inside the chroot would
> > actually behave differently to the one built outside. Not good.
> Is there way to avoid this "auto-detection"?

Check configure.ac and ./configure --help to see what is auto-enabled
and what needs to be explicitly found or skipped. 

Compare the output of the configure stage inside and outside the
chroot. Check for tests that are enabled outside the chroot but
disabled inside it.

When you find it, ensure you document exactly why the problem occurred
and how you fixed it in debian/changelog.


Neil Williams

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