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Re: make in pbuilder error

> Od: Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>

> > > You need to work out which library (libfoo.so) contains the undefined
> > > references and ensure that the objects are linked against them.
> > 
> > I've tried. Is there some good way how find library with these referencies?
> grep
> If it's a packaged library, it will be in /usr/lib/ or a directory
> beneath that.
> > > It could be that a dependency that exists outside the pbuilder chroot
> > > changes the way that the package builds, leading to parts of the code
> > > being enabled (or disabled) when it does not happen that way outside
> > > the chroot. Some packages use "auto-detection" of some libraries and
> > > these can be a source of such problems. If the package *had* built, you
> > > could have found that the package built inside the chroot would
> > > actually behave differently to the one built outside. Not good.
> > 
> > Is there way to avoid this "auto-detection"?
> Check configure.ac and ./configure --help to see what is auto-enabled
> and what needs to be explicitly found or skipped. 
> Compare the output of the configure stage inside and outside the
> chroot. Check for tests that are enabled outside the chroot but
> disabled inside it.
> When you find it, ensure you document exactly why the problem occurred
> and how you fixed it in debian/changelog.

Thank you.


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