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Re: RFS: kio-ftps (updated package)

2009/4/16 Laurent Léonard <laurent@open-minds.org>:

> So ".dfsg" is a bad suffix ? And "+dfsg" should be used in priority ? If
> 1.2+dfsg/1.2-dfsg/1.2dfsg sort before 1.2.1 why are there different
> suffixes ? I don't find clear informations about that on the Debian policy...

Yes (but not very), yes (or the others), the versions are chosen by
people and people don't think alike. I think I prefer the plus variant
but I'm not fully sure why. Perhaps the -dfsg-1 might get confused
with a Debian version somewhere and perhaps the plus makes it more
clear that the version is modified.

> OK, and why "dfsg1" and not simply "dfsg" ?

The possibility exists of multiple non-free things being found over
time, this makes it clear that this is the first dfsg-ified tarball
for this upstream release. For later removals you can bump that
version to 2.



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