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Re: RFS: parcellite (updated package)

Hi Andrew,

Andrew wrote:
> According to the mentors page, five people have downloaded the
> package. If any of you have comments, I'd love the feedback.

The update looks fine to me. I have a few comments though:

You could add a Vcs-Browser field too.

There are a few lintian tags (only the first one is a warning, but you should
bump the changelog date before requesting sponsorship, e.g. do `dch -r`):

W: parcellite source: timewarp-standards-version (2009-02-06 < 2009-03-12)
I: parcellite source: quilt-patch-missing-description 01_fix_man_page.patch
I: parcellite source: quilt-patch-missing-description
I: parcellite: extended-description-is-probably-too-short

Have you forwarded the patches upstream? They are quite trivial, so I'd expect
them to apply them right away.

Also, there is a new Copyright holder, the FSF, for po/sv.po

Otherwise it looks fine to me.


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