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Re: Building process needs certain architecture's machine

Kov Chai <tchaikov@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi all,
> I am packaging sunpinyin. The install script of this software will
> identify the endian-ness of the building machine and generate a binary
> data file from its architecture independent format.  And the
> executable only works with the data file of appropriate endian-ness.
> So, to minimize the usage of debian mirror space and bandwidth, I
> think the best way to package it is to create two more data packages,
> one for big-endian, the other for small-endian. The problem is that
> the upstream does not provide any way to generate the data file of
> specified endian-ness. I also examined the source file only to find
> out there is no straightforward way to do it other than to swap the
> bits at all the places where the endian-ness kicks in.
> Is there any way to work it out?
> Thanks in advance.

The best way would be to patch the source to use architecture
independent data. Swap the endianness while you read the file.

Other than that, how big is the file? Is it worth having it split out?


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