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Re: Lintian warning messages

Joey Hess wrote:
> Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
>> If the scripts are not directly executable, you can remove the  
>> #!<interpreter> line from them. That should make the warning go away.
>> It would be better to talk with upstream so he does that.
> If I were upstream and was pestered by a distribution to remove the
> hashbang lines that I add to all code files as a matter of course
> (because it's the most portable way to tell editors what type of code it
> is), and their rationalle was that an internal tool in the distribution
> was complaining about it, I'd be hard pressed to not laugh in their
> face.

If the policy suggestion that leads to that lintian warning is so
unreasonable, it might as well be taken off the policy.

> Lintian has overrides so that you can turn off this type of warning,
> which is useful in detecting scripts that were accidentially not
> installed executable, but that has a large number of false positives.

Except, perhaps, from scripts which end up installed in the directories
in the path. For scripts that are not in the path (and even if the
execute bit set can only be executed with extra measures from the user)
it should not matter whether they have a shebang or not.

BOFH excuse #312:

incompatible bit-registration operators


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