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Lintian warning messages

I am getting quite a few lintian warnings that I would like to quell. Do we have any best practices on how to deal with these messages?

W: <package>: debian-copyright-line-too-long -- As I understand it long lines are now OK. I am following the new, proposed guidelines for the copyright file (http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/ CopyrightFormat) and it almost guarantees long lines.

W: <package>: script-non-executable -- Since this is a scripted web application (RoR) there are quite a few "scripts" that are not executable directly in the shell. Can I turn this warning off for these files?

W: <package>: extra-license-file -- There are several LICENSE files scattered throughout the package and I have documented them in the copyright file. Do I need to do anything with these? Should I remove them or is there a way to ignore them?

W: <package>: embedded-javascript-library -- Basically, prototype.js (versions & 1.5.0) is being used in several places. Obviously it would be best to depend on the libjs-prototype package and remove the embedded versions. Once I get upstream using a single version of prototype do I just remove the original prototype.js files and symlink to the package version?

W: <package>: package-contains-empty-directory -- Some of these are necessary (cache, assets, etc.) and some aren't (test). Can I turn these off?


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