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Re: Lintian warning messages

Richard Hurt escreveu:
W: <package>: script-non-executable -- Since this is a scripted web application (RoR) there are quite a few "scripts" that are not executable directly in the shell. Can I turn this warning off for these files?

If the scripts are not directly executable, you can remove the #!<interpreter> line from them. That should make the warning go away. It would be better to talk with upstream so he does that. Meanwhile, patches can be used, but I don't think this warning is grave enough to make that a necessity.

W: <package>: extra-license-file -- There are several LICENSE files scattered throughout the package and I have documented them in the copyright file. Do I need to do anything with these? Should I remove them or is there a way to ignore them?

If they are common licenses, they shouldn't be part of the resulting package. If the package uses make install and they are installed as part of that, you can rm them after that line so they do not appear in the package.

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