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Re: RFS: uvccapture (5th try)

OoO En ce  début d'après-midi nuageux du lundi 26  mai 2008, vers 14:23,
"Krzysztof Burghardt" <krzysztof@burghardt.pl> disait:

>> You may try  to find a sponsor by looking  at maintainers shipping video
>> (and webcam) related softwares in Debian. They may be more interested in
>> uvccapture and they are more likely to have hardware to test it.

> I'm current maintainer of webcam package (and whole xawtv suite), I
> have hardware, I just do not have a sponsor. What a pity :-(

Well, since  the package is relatively  small and given  your current QA
page, I think I can sponsor it.

Please, add an Homepage field to source stanza of debian/control.

You  can safely  remove  configure target  and  any reference  to it  in
debian/rules: this is not a required target.

BOFH excuse #150:
Arcserve crashed the server again.

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