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Re: RFS: vidalia

On Sunday 25 May 2008, Colin Tuckley wrote:


> Finally, this is the first ever Debian package for vidalia so it should
> have a Debian version of -1. 

I consider such requirement quite suboptimal. 1) you kill history 2) even not 
being officially published, this source package is in the wild and it is a 
bad idea to just reset its versioning (well unless using epoch which would be 
compeltely unneeded) since these users who built & installed first version 
of -1 from mentors won't get the updated one from official mirrors.

> Unfortunately I don't think mentors will let 
> you upload a -1 now that you've uploaded a -2 which is unfortunate. If you
> have some webspace that you could upload a new -1 package to then please do
> that and let us know the URL. Having -1 as the first real Debian version
> means that the orig.tar.gz gets automatically uploaded too and so makes the
> sponsors job easier.

I believe this adds too much hassle and confusion for everybody ;-) 
Even more to consider:
and *reasoning* behind.

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