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Re: RFS: gnormalize

Hi Alessio,

> > 2) Is there a reason for you are not calling dh_strip?
> Bernd Zeimetz suggested me to remove it
> (http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2007/11/msg00083.html).
> gnormalize is a pure perl program, so it seems there is no need for
> dh_strip. Am I wrong?
> I'll wait your opinion (and others) before uploading a new revision with
> all fixes.

Actually I pointed out "the wrong mistake". I only had a look at your
diff.gz and reading debian/control stating Architecture: any I assumed
the package would build binaries. However this is not the case and
therefore you should not call dh_strip as stated by Bernd. The question
that really arises then is: Why is your package Architecture: any
instead of all?


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