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A suggestion to improve the geo-rkkda package (was: Re: RFS : geo-rkkda -- Command-line tools for geocaching)

Obey Liu schrieb:
> I would be glad if someone could have a look at this package and upload it on
> my behalf.

Hello Obey,
I'm not a mentor and therefore not able to upload your package (even if I would
certainly like to) but I use it nonetheless because this was one of my own
to-be-packaged candidates. Now I have a suggestion for an improvement for you:
please remove the -U switch and any reference to it from the scripts and the man
pages. Normally a user should update this through Debian's update mechanisms.

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch

P.S.: You might want to add further information to your ITP bug. First I came
across that and was about to send you an e-mail about the missing sharutils but
fortunately checked out debian-mentors before. ;)


Kai Wasserbäch (Kai Wasserbaech)

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