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Re: RFS: xiterm+thai

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Paul Wise wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 1:46 PM, Neutron Soutmun <neo.neutron@gmail.com> wrote:
>>  >>> - - dget
>>  >>> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/x/xiterm+thai/xiterm+thai_1.07-1.dsc
>>  > To whom may download this package before, please re-download for the
>>  > update by the comments below:
>>  >> Description suggestion:
>>  >
>>  >> Description: X terminal program with Thai languague support
>>  >>  xiterm+thai is an X terminal emulator program with Thai language
>>  >>  support. It has built-in Thai keyboard input support. You could
>>  >>  also use the X11 XKB extension to input Thai characters.
>>  >>  .
>>  >>  A Thai font is needed to display Thai characters.
>>  >
>>  > Already fixed.
> You missed "use the X11" rather than "use X11".
> And also "A Thai font is needed" rather than "Thai font is needed"
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan wrote:
> Wouldn't it be useful to be specific, like "A Thai TIS-620 font is
> needed"?
> (It won't render with UCS fonts, for example.)
> Or even more specific, "A Thai TIS-620 font, such as one from
> xfonts-thai-nectec, is needed".

for more comments from Theppitak, I agree with him which more specific
to "A Thai TIS-620 font" is better, according to his reason that
xiterm+thai won't render with UCS fonts.
And all above fixed.

Paul Wise wrote:
>>  >> Perhaps README.thai should be reencoded in UTF-8?
>>  >
>>  > Convert and install as README.thai-UTF-8
>>  > In debian package install both README.thai and README.thai-UTF-8 which
>>  > README.thai can open in xiterm+thai (can not open UTF-8 because it is
>>  > TIS-620 environment) and README.thai-UTF-8 can open in the terminals
>>  > environment that support UTF-8.
> iconv isn't in libc6 on all architectures:
> http://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=contents&keywords=%2Fusr%2Fbin%2Ficonv&mode=path&suite=unstable&arch=any
> I think you can just drop the build-dep on libc6 because the right C
> library will always be present.

Drop as your comment.

>>  >> What is the reason for having two entries in the menu file? Also, it
>>  >> would be good to add a desktop file to support GNOME since by default
>>  >> it now doesn't show the Debian menu IIRC.
>>  >
>>  > Drop unneeded additional menu title="xiterm" as your comment.
>>  > Create desktop and icon files for GNOME.
> You should run dh_icons too.

dh_icons is added and bump debhelper to (>= 5.0.51) according to lintian

>>  >> txiterm manual page:
>>  >
>>  >> This isn't really needed "This manual page documents briefly the
>>  >> txiterm command".
>>  >
>>  >> OPTIONS section needs filling out.
>>  >
>>  > Rewrite too.
> I'd suggest these minor fixes for the DESCRIPTION:
>        txiterm is a wrapper around the xiterm+thai(1) program that
> invokes the latter program with
>        Thai support and also loads the Thai font.
>        All arguments to txiterm are passed to xiterm+thai without processing;
>        the -fn option should not be specified because it is used by the wrapper.
>        See the xiterm+thai manual page for more information on
> xiterm+thai-options.
>        Note: txiterm needs nectec18 - an X Thai font from the
> xfonts-thai-nectec package
>        to allow the program to render the proper Thai text in the terminal.

Also fixed as your comment with the additional "Thai TIS-620 font" as
our discussion above.

Best regards,

- --
Neutron Soutmun

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