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Re: RFS: pinot

David Paleino wrote:

> Usual url on mentors :)

Hi David,

A few more comments:
1.) debian/patches/01-fix_pinot.desktop.patch
The desktop file seems to be correctly encoded in UTF-8, so removing the
 Encoding line seems wrong to me.
Could you elaborate why this patch is necessary.

2.) Missing recommends:
/etc/pinot/external-filters.xml seems to use a lot of external tools
(like unzip, pdftotext, antiword, unrtf, ...).
I'd propose to add those tools to recommends or suggests.

3.) The package installs icons into /usr/share/icons/hicolor.
I thus recommend to add dh_icons to debian/rules. Adding a dh_desktop
call wouldn't hurt either, even if the pinot.desktop file currently
doesn't register any mimetypes (yet).

4.) deskbar-applet/python integration.
pinot installs a deskbar module.
This module requires python-(gnome2, dbus, etc, you have to check the
python files). These dependencies are currently missing. Maybe it would
make sense to split out the deskbar module into a separate package, so
the pinot package is not affected by the additional python dependencies.
You should consider using python-support or python-central to install
(and precompile)
The directory /usr/lib/deskbar-applet/handlers/ is not used anymore by
deskbar-applet, so installing pinot-live.py is superfluous.


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