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Re: ITP takeover?

Hi David,

2008/2/17, David Paleino <d.paleino@gmail.com>:

Can't we propose him to upload it to experimental? That wouldn't hurt unstable
(thus also testing -- and stable) users, but we could still have Code::Blocks
inside Debian repositories.
As he told me, he doesn't believe on 2.8 version but he believes in the 3.0 version in the near future.
I think he wouldn't be interested about having a lot of work on a version he doesn't see as stable enough just to let it go to experimental which is a version only used or even known by people who are really testing softwares.

Fully agree w.r.t. respecting upstream's decisions (ando also other
So do I, for two reasons:

Again, why don't you propose it for experimental?
I really don't think it is a good idea as I told you before.  I am conformed to wait though it is not my point-of-view.

I'm currently using packages provided by the Code::Blocks team itself, plus the
wxWidgets from wxwidgets.org:
deb http://jens.lody.name/debian/ any main
deb-src http://jens.lody.name/debian/ any main
deb http://apt.wxwidgets.org/ etch-wx main
My packages were based upon their job but the developers made those only to let Debian users to have a package.
To create a package is completely different of that package be in conformance to all Debian standards and able to go to the repositories. That's why so much work.

Before your reply we were planning on team-maintaining Code::Blocks -- if it
was the case. What do you think about this? (again: I'm talking about an
experimental package -- not unstable as its dependencies wouldn't be satisfied
in Debian at the moment)
Maintaining a package in the repositories is not a hard job.  There is always someone looking forward to be a maintainer. It is not something that one doesn't need too much help except by some rare cases.
So the only reasons for me not uploading it into the repositories are the problems already related.
Anyway I really appreciate you are in a hurry to have Code::Blocks on the repositories too.  I have been using it and I am very fan of the project.  I really believe it will be very good to Debian and to Code::Blocks itself.
If you still will be so helpful at the moment of some change of the actual blocks then write to me again so we can always help each other and the whole community.
I think future communications from now on should be made without cc to mentors and to the ITP bug hence we don't fill Debian systems with things we can not be helped anyway.

Best regards,
     Erick Mattos.

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