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Re: ITP takeover?

Il giorno Sun, 17 Feb 2008 16:30:28 -0300
"Erick Mattos" <erick.mattos@gmail.com> ha scritto:

> Hello David,

Hi Erick,

> I am the owner of the ITP and I had been trying to add Code::Blocks to
> Debian repositories.
> I had created the packages more than once but always having to change
> something to fulfill mentor's demands.  When everything was looking like it
> would be finally solved then Code::Blocks team started to use the new
> updated version of wxWidgets 2.8 which is not in the repositories.

I just realized that after sending my reply to that ITP :(

> I had tried to ask the maintainer of the previous versions for a new version
> but he told me he wasn't in accordance that the new version was really stable
> and that he was not intending to add it to the repositories and that he
> thought it was better to wait for a version 3.0 of wxWidgets which was
> planned to be released on last January.

Can't we propose him to upload it to experimental? That wouldn't hurt unstable
(thus also testing -- and stable) users, but we could still have Code::Blocks
inside Debian repositories.

> After talking to a debian developer friend of mine for councils he argued to
> me that it is not a good policy to build the uptodate version of wxWidgets
> passing over the previous maintainer opinions and that he thought it would be
> a good idea to wait for him to update wxWidgets before packaging Code::Blocks
> again. Afterwards I realized that:
>    - the point-of-view of wxWidgets maintainer should be respected;
>    - Code::Blocks is not really a stable software for now although I am
>    using it anyway;
>    - I do not intend to fork their work to make Code::Blocks compatible
>    to the previous version wxWidgets 2.6;
>    - I had been talking to the Code::Blocks creator and he thinks it will
>    be better to package it after the release of 1.0 stable version.

Fully agree w.r.t. respecting upstream's decisions (ando also other

> Then I was forced to wait for this situation to be cleared up into any
> direction before continuing the work and to accept that Debian distro really
> gets stuck some times if some dependecies could not be satisfied by
> community or even by one's point-of-view.

Again, why don't you propose it for experimental?

> I have uploaded a lot of packages to debian mentors and the
> first-before-last package is still available there so if you want you can
> see it by yourself.

I'm currently using packages provided by the Code::Blocks team itself, plus the
wxWidgets from wxwidgets.org:

deb http://jens.lody.name/debian/ any main
deb-src http://jens.lody.name/debian/ any main
deb http://apt.wxwidgets.org/ etch-wx main

> If you would like, I can forward all my communications to all of the people
> involved.

Sure: I've changed "netzmeister" to Matthias Gutmann <MatthiasGutmann@gmx.net>
(which is the real name / address).
Before your reply we were planning on team-maintaining Code::Blocks -- if it
was the case. What do you think about this? (again: I'm talking about an
experimental package -- not unstable as its dependencies wouldn't be satisfied
in Debian at the moment)


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