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Re: New package "unicornscan" , I GIVE UP !

Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
>> If you don't want to be the maintainer for the package, and instead only
>> want to have it packaged, you can file a RFP (request for package) bug
>> to the package 'wnpp'.
>> Simply using 'reportbug wnpp' and filling in the proper fields should be
>> enough. It should guide you through.
> I do not understand, how it works. The docu mentioned this, too, but there was 
> no backjground about the process or policy to find. 

If you're running a Debian system (and you should, since you want to
work with it), you can just type 'man reportbug' to see how it works (it
should be installed by default).
Also take a look at http://bugs.debian.org to acquaint yourself with the
Bug Tracking System (BTS).

> Yes, I know. And I am also knowing, that my little work is not important for 
> Debian. But I think: If everyone is doing a little bit work for Debian, as 
> litle as it might be, the whole work together will bring the Debian idea 
> further on. My little part is more in user teaching and supporting in my home 
> area, and not coding. Now I wanted to enter a new task. O.k., I failed.

I didn't mean to say that your work is of no importance. Every help
counts! And you can only say you "failed" if you really give up on a two
hour period.

> Yes, I gave up. I had the feeling, no one was interested in new packages at 
> all, so I gave up. And yes, I had no fun and the package worked on my 
> system....

Again: you probably got your feeling wrong.
Take a look at http://lists.debian.org, check the lists archives for
debian-mentors and see how new people usually get involved. 2 hours is a
very short period to base your expectations on.

> Thanks, I will remember that. Again: I AM willing to read, but I need help in 
> the beginning, too. 

I understand, that's why we pointed you to some documentation that has
been done specifically to help beginners.

> O.k., I will try a new effort, but when it fails again, I will send you the 
> whole stuff. Thanky for this ! 

That doesn't sound very optimistic.
But even if you do "fail" (by your standards) there's no need to send me
the packages. I can get them from the original website.

Cheers and good luck

Leo "costela" Antunes
[insert a witty retort here]

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