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New package "unicornscan" , I GIVE UP !

Dear mentors,

I suppose, this is all to difficult and complicated for me. As the package is 
new, I get MD5-errors and more. So, as this process is too difficult for me, 
and is taking to much of long time, I give up.

Sorry, I am not willing to collect all the different docs and reaqd, this is 
boring and for one package it is too much of a thing.

Anyway, if someone likes to have a look at the package, I will sent him as an 
email, if not, no problem: It is running on my computer. 

I was just intend to take part in the community, but it seem not to work.

And please: Do not write me, "read here", "read there", "read somewhere!", 
really, for some few questions, I am not willing to read hours lots of stuff.

Anyway, thanks for the help.


Hans-J. Ullrich

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