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Re: dh_install and python version

> > However, I'm not quite sure about this "--install-lib
> > usr/lib/python$*" because :
> > - it's nowhere to be seen in example packages
> Read the Debian Python policy[1], it may clear some things up.

Thanks, the --debian option to setup.py was what confused me. With non
--install-libs option (and no --debian option), it works well.

> > - I must harcode "usr/lib/python2.4/..." in debian/package.install
> > files, this means that my package will FTBS when python2.5 becomes the
> > default.
> Not true: you can put usr/lib/python*/... in package.install

Thanks, sometimes I'm so in that I can't even see the obvious.

> > Shipping private modules clears the problem out (using "--install-lib
> > usr/share/sourcepackagename" and moving the private extension using
> > dh_install), but I see only advantages in shipping public modules for
> > the default python version.
> >
> > My next idea is to preprocess new debian/package.install.in files into
> > package.install files to match the python version. Is that not too
> > hacky?
> Indeed it is hacky. Check the debian python policy for how to do this.

The debian Python Policy says "what" to do, but not very often "how".

But thanks for everything, my problem is fixed.


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