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Re: dh_install and python version

Alexandre Rossi wrote:

> However, I'm not quite sure about this "--install-lib
> usr/lib/python$*" because :
> - it's nowhere to be seen in example packages

Read the Debian Python policy[1], it may clear some things up.

> - I must harcode "usr/lib/python2.4/..." in debian/package.install
> files, this means that my package will FTBS when python2.5 becomes the
> default.

Not true: you can put usr/lib/python*/... in package.install

> Shipping private modules clears the problem out (using "--install-lib
> usr/share/sourcepackagename" and moving the private extension using
> dh_install), but I see only advantages in shipping public modules for
> the default python version.
> My next idea is to preprocess new debian/package.install.in files into
> package.install files to match the python version. Is that not too
> hacky?

Indeed it is hacky. Check the debian python policy for how to do this. 

[1] http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/python-policy/


  Felipe Sateler

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