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Re: advice on maintainting packages on alioth ?


On Sat, 18 Aug 2007, Thomas Jollans wrote:
> In future, I would like to maintain my packages in Mercurial (or git) 
> repositories. It seams the best place for these to be would be alioth, but 
> I'm not sure where is the best place -- should I rather request a private 
> sub-directory or apply for collab-maint membership and upload packages 
> there ? I have some doubts about collab-maint though: Maintenance is unlikely 
> to be collaborative, and I'm not in NM, which pretty much takes care of the 
> point of collab-maint as outlined on the wiki [1].

If the package has an upstream and all that is being maintained on
alioth is the packaging aspect then the simplest approach is to put
things under "collab-maint" even if it is not being maintained
collaboratively. The point is that it becomes easier:
	- to find co-maintainers if it becomes necessary
	- for people to offer patches
	- if the package is orphaned it is easier to take over
	- for upstream to figure out what you are doing to their

> Also, I'm not sure how readily private hg/git sub-directories are
> granted to non-DDs.

If the package is in Debian or is soon going to be then you should
give it a try. I've found the people at alioth quite helpful!



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