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advice on maintainting packages on alioth ?

Hello mentors,

In future, I would like to maintain my packages in Mercurial (or git) 
repositories. It seams the best place for these to be would be alioth, but 
I'm not sure where is the best place -- should I rather request a private 
sub-directory or apply for collab-maint membership and upload packages 
there ? I have some doubts about collab-maint though: Maintenance is unlikely 
to be collaborative, and I'm not in NM, which pretty much takes care of the 
point of collab-maint as outlined on the wiki [1]. Also, I'm not sure how 
readily private hg/git sub-directories are granted to non-DDs.

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/CollaborativeMaintenance

      Regards,                       Thomas Jollans
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