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Re: RFS: Many php-* packages to be updated: php-auth-http php-compat php-config php-crypt-cbc php-event-dispatcher php-html-common php-html-select php-image-barcode php-net-ping php-net-portscan php-xml-rss (updated package)

On Wednesday 8 August 2007 08:27, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Why did you choose SVN? It's not any better than CVS, it has the same
> lacks, like not being able to manage unix rights, which is really the
> basic. Why don't you upgrade to Git or Mercurial which are REALLY a LOT
> better?

Not wanting to get into such a religious discussion, I do think I can correct 
two things here: saying it's "not any better than CVS" is untrue, because SVN 
is (apart from a few details) a feature superset of CVS. It's strictly 
better, it does what CVS does and it does more (better branching, global 
revision numbers, file renaming/copying, ...).

It manages UNIX rights not in detail but you can set files executable, which I 
think is the major usecase for UNIX rights in packaging. I'm not sure what 
other rights you'd need when packaging something, as everything will be reset 
in the .diff anyway.

> > I plan to improve "Requirements for PHP PEAR libraries"[*] to
> > have a common policy for all PHP PEAR modules (common packaging,
> > short/long description, procedures to request a new PHP PEAR
> > module package or updating) in order to facilitate team
> > maintainance and have high-quality and uptodate PHP PEAR
> > packages.
> >
> > [*]
> > http://webapps-common.alioth.debian.org/draft-php/html/ch-php-libs.html#s
> >-php-libs-pear
> This is a VERY good idea, and I think it will help a lot to improve the
> pear package. Thanks for writing this.

I currently maintain some PEAR packages and would be interested in joining 
such a group. Can you add me to the Alioth group please? My login is 'thijs'.


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