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RFS: Many php-* packages to be updated: php-auth-http php-compat php-config php-crypt-cbc php-event-dispatcher php-html-common php-html-select php-image-barcode php-net-ping php-net-portscan php-xml-rss (updated package)

Dear mentors,

Since the topic about php-net-ipv4 that had a missing file in some
conditions, I realised that my php-* packages where missing the pear
.reg file, and then breaking "pear install" on the command line (it
doesn't know that the package is installed). Also, I repaired some
inconsistency in the copyright and my watch files are now working.

Also, as many sponsor seems not to like CDBS packages, I rewrote the
debian/rules to use debhelper scripts, taking the example from
php-net-ipv4 that seemed to be in good shame (except the -f flag, that I
have of course added to my packages).

All of my php-* packages are now in the need of a sponsor, as my past
sponsor doesn't do any sponsoring any more. As these php packages are
all the same, I would appreciate if a unique sponsor could take care of
it. Even if there's a lot of package, the workload is not that big, and
having only one guy to do the sponsorship helps a lot for later

My final goal for having all these packages in SID is to create a
package for h-inventory that needs all these php-* packages.

All of the package are producing a unique binary package of the same
name as the source package. All of them appear to be lintian clean.
Here's a big list:

php-auth-http - HTTP authentication

php-compat - Provides missing functionality for older versions of PHP

php-config - Your configuration's swiss-army knife

php-crypt-cbc - A class to emulate Perl's Crypt::CBC module

php-event-dispatcher - Dispatch notifications using PHP callbacks

php-html-common - A base class for other HTML classes

php-html-select - A class for generating HTML form select elements

php-image-barcode - Barcode generation

php-net-ping - Execute ping

php-net-portscan - Portscanner utilities

php-xml-rss - RSS parser

I would be glad if someone could uploaded these packages for me. Once
again, don't get scarred by the amount of package, they are very small,
and are built the same way.

Kind regards
 Thomas Goirand

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