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Re: pdebuild, pycentral and gpg

On Sat, Apr 28, 2007 at 06:35:04PM +0200, Gudjon I. Gudjonsson wrote:
> Hi Steve
>    It fixed the problem, thanks. I did call dh_fixperms but only after 
> dh_pycentral. I could even remove a fix that I had installed because of 
> another permission problem with this change :)
>    But there is another problem that lintian complains about:
> W: pyqwt5 source: source-contains-cvs-conflict-copy 
> PyQwt-5.0.0/sip/qwt5qt3/.#QwtTypes.sip.1.5

> The only way I know to fix this is to remove it from the orig.tar.gz file but 
> I would rather like to use the original sources. Does anyone know a solution 
> to this?

Ask upstream to provide a cleaner tarball for next time?  You could reroll
the upstream tarball with a distinguishing Debian version number, but I
don't think it's worth it at all for this.

But that's why this is a warning, not an error.

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