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Re: pdebuild, pycentral and gpg

* Gudjon I. Gudjonsson [Fri, 27 Apr 2007 20:04:04 +0200]:

> At last I made a silly mistake with my gpg. I put some silly sentence to some 
> field i thought was for remembering my password (has nothing to do with the 
> password). But now my name is in the GPG key
> Gudjon I. Gudjonsson (sillysentence)
> Is there any way of removing the silly sentence? Since I have only used the 
> key for the two mentor packages, can I revoke it and make a new one.

No, you can't remove the silly sentence (what GPG calls the 'comment'),
since it's part of the UID, and UIDs can't be removed, only revoked.

Unless your key has not been uploaded to a public keyserver, you can't
get rid of the comment by any other means than making a new key. If it
hasn't been uploaded to a public keyserver, you can remove the UID.


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