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pdebuild, pycentral and gpg

   I am trying to build two packages but they are dependent on packages that 
are still in experimental. I cannot configure pdebuild to download packages 
from experimental. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

   I do have the problem with dh_pycentral, lintian gives the following error 
non-standard-dir-perm usr/share/pycentral/python-qwt5-qt3/ 0775 != 0755

At last I made a silly mistake with my gpg. I put some silly sentence to some 
field i thought was for remembering my password (has nothing to do with the 
password). But now my name is in the GPG key
Gudjon I. Gudjonsson (sillysentence)
Is there any way of removing the silly sentence? Since I have only used the 
key for the two mentor packages, can I revoke it and make a new one.


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