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Re: RFS: paco

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Nico Golde ha scritto:
> Hi,
> * David Paleino <d.paleino@gmail.com> [2007-04-27 23:20]:
> [...] 
>> ---8<---
>>  Paco is a source code package organizer for Unix/Linux
>>  systems, originally written to aid package management
>>  when installing an LFS system.
>>  .
>>  When installing a package from sources, paco wraps the
>>  "make install" command (or whatever is needed to install
>>  the files into the system), and generates a log containing
>>  the list of all installed files.
> [...] 
> Do we really need this since there is checkinstall?

They are two different systems/approaches to the question.
Checkinstall creates a .deb, that you can manage with dpkg*.

Paco, instead, logs the "make install" activity, so you can see which files were
stored where, and you could always add files to the log, even after the
completion of the install (that's a feature checkinstall doesn't have, if I
don't go wrong) [1]. And, moreover, it's used in LFS (again, if I don't go
wrong) as package manager. So, if one wants to build an LFS bootstrapping from
Debian, should he install all the dpkg* stuff? I hope not (actually, I don't
remember if dpkg*-apt are _required_ packages, so when you bootstrap they are
automatically installed).

> Kind regards
> Nico


[1] I don't have any real-world-use example of this, though. But that's a feature.

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