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Re: RFS: proda

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Charles Plessy ha scritto:
> Dear David,
> it seems that you have adressed most of Nico's points in a revised
> version uploaded to mentors. It is very clean, I just have a few
> comments:
> About debian/rules:
>  - The configure rule is mandatory, but in this case, we do not need it to
>    contain anything.

Fixed (completely removed it).

>  - I would tend to remove the template's comments, but this is up to
>    your taste.

I removed most of the comments.

>  - Similarly, you can safely remove lines such as # dh_installmenu, as
>    we can be 99.9 % sure that they will not be useful in the future.
>  - You can give arguments to dh_clean and dh_install, then you do not
>    need the rm -f and the install commands. (This is again up to your
>    taste).


>  - Giving an argument to dh_installdirs, you would not need debian/dirs
>    anymore.

Done as well

> About proda.1:
>  - As you built it from an xml source, I think that it is important to
>    provide its sourcce in the package.
>  - You can rebuild it at each package building, it does not take so much
>    CPU. Here is an example of debian/rules file which does this:
>  - You would then need to build-depend on xsltproc, docbook-xsl,
>    docbook-xml.

I had some problems because I had deleted my .xml, so I had something with
`doclifter`, and I wrote the markup again.
It seems like the new manpage is better than the previous :-)

>  - The manpage says that proda is documented by an info file, but it is
>    not true.

Sorry, just a stupid dh_make template left there.

>  - I think that it is not necessary to say in the Description section
>    that the man page was written for Debian.

Ok, done.

>  - As proda is in the public domain, I think that the GPL is a bit too
>    much for the manpage. I tend to like to give a permission to use,
>    modify, copy and redistribute as the program itself for my manpages.
>    But it is a matter of taste.

It would be nice, in fact, to release it in public domain too, thus contributing
to "proda" itself.
I'll contact the author as well for that.

> Lastly, proda is related to the probcons and amap programs, which failed
> to build with gcc-4.3. It means that it is likely that you would have a
> FTBFS bug filed by Martin Michlmayr soon after getting proda in the main
> archive. Depending on how playful and busy you are, you may be
> interested to check by yourself before getting sponsored.

I'll try.
But I've read that gcc-snapshot (which should provide -4.3), is not yet
available for i386s. My gcc-snapshot (well, the one in my repositories) has
version 20061022-1, is ti the -4.3? I don't know. I'll give it a try on my
machine. I'll see if I can find another machine to work on (maybe sf.net

> Have a nice day,

Thanks, you too.

The package has been uploaded again to mentors. See previous mails for the link.


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