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Re: Looking for a maintainer with experience in debconf programming

James Westby <jw+debian@jameswestby.net> writes:

> On (17/04/07 22:08), Reinhard Tartler wrote:
>> I intend to take over an existing package not being in debian yet. The
>> original packager seems dead, at least he didn't respond me in two
>> emails, but anyway.
>> He used a lot of debconf in his package. I'm not a debconf pro at all,
>> and I would feel much better if someone could look at the .postinst and
>> the .config file of the boxbackup source package and tell me the biggest
>> mistakes:
>> http://siretart.tauware.de/upload-queue
> I have taken a very quick glance over the scripts. It appears like his
> implementation is pretty good, the templates look good, and the config
> and postinst seem fairly clean.

Thank you very much for your review.

> However there is an option to handle the config files through debconf.
> It appears as though if this is enabled the config files will be
> overwritten unconditionally from postinst, which isn't good. I'm not
> sure whether they are marked as conffiles, so it might not be a policy
> violation, but it is definately discouraged.
> You may wish to look in to ucf if you would like to build on his work
> but avoid this problem.

Ok, I'll look into this. thanks for pointer.

>> In fact, I'm considering dropping all the debconf magic, converting the
>> current script with a config-setup helper. I expect this would faciliate
>> upgrades, but I'm still a bit undecided.
> Could you tell me what config-setup is please?

No, I don't now about some software called config-setup. I would have to
write a helper script which does the setup of a boxbackup site.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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