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Re: Looking for a maintainer with experience in debconf programming

On (17/04/07 22:08), Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Hi there,

Hi Reinhard.

> I intend to take over an existing package not being in debian yet. The
> original packager seems dead, at least he didn't respond me in two
> emails, but anyway.
> He used a lot of debconf in his package. I'm not a debconf pro at all,
> and I would feel much better if someone could look at the .postinst and
> the .config file of the boxbackup source package and tell me the biggest
> mistakes:
> http://siretart.tauware.de/upload-queue

I have taken a very quick glance over the scripts. It appears like his
implementation is pretty good, the templates look good, and the config
and postinst seem fairly clean.

However there is an option to handle the config files through debconf.
It appears as though if this is enabled the config files will be
overwritten unconditionally from postinst, which isn't good. I'm not
sure whether they are marked as conffiles, so it might not be a policy
violation, but it is definately discouraged.

You may wish to look in to ucf if you would like to build on his work
but avoid this problem.

> In fact, I'm considering dropping all the debconf magic, converting the
> current script with a config-setup helper. I expect this would faciliate
> upgrades, but I'm still a bit undecided.

Could you tell me what config-setup is please?

Apologies if I looked too little and got my assesment wrong.



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