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Re: RFS: libsbml

Dear Andreas:
Ok, I admit that the real problem is that the dependence to latex2html
require tetex-extra and a lot of other packages,and after this
additional dependence, my system require another 100 M disk space. I
don't like installing a lot of packages just because an unnecessary
package. I believe other people may feel the same like me. Why not just
left this an option to user? I mean, in the upstream source, to build
the doc is optional, we can just left this like the original source. 

Another reason, we have an analogue: this package support matlab binding
too. Of course, we will not enable this binding by default. but user can
simply apt-get source and add this support. This is just like the doc
package's situation, we can disable it by default, but easily enable

Further more, I think there will be few people want to patch doc
package, writing the right doc is the responsibility of upstream
authors. I consider that's why the upstream authors offer a compiled doc
package for us. 

best regards
Changyan Xie
On 一, 2007-02-05 at 12:47 +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Well, in a Debian source package we provide the *source*.  The rationale
> is if you need to patch something in the docs you will have problems
> to modify a PDF.  So compiling the docs is really a good idea and
> the compile time should not really be an argument here.
> Kind regards
>            Andreas.

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