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RFS: sigit - a small utility to change signatures etc.

Dear all

I am now trying to do this The Right Way (TM) and request a sponsor

Package name    : sigit
Version         : 0.3.2-1
Upstream author : Kenneth "Redhead" Nielsen <kn@redhead.dk>
URL             : http://www.redhead.dk/download/
License         : GPLv2
Section         : mail

It builds only the package:

sigit - A small utility to change signatures randomly.

Uploading the package would close this bug: 409187

The package can be downloaded here: http://www.zz9.dk/debian/source/
deb-src http://www.zz9.dk/debian/source ./
dget http://www.zz9.dk/debian/source/sigit_0.3.2-3.dsc

The package is lintian clean.

Thank you in advance.


Rasmus Bøg Hansen       || moffe@zz9.dk
Harrestrupvang 13A, 2th || http://www.zz9.dk
2500 Valby		|| 

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