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Re: Few questions

Neil Williams wrote:
> So these are two packages built from the same source? There is
> one .diff.gz and one .dsc for both?
> That is quite different to how it sounded originally - where you had
> two source packages, not two binaries from the same source.

Sorry, I'm stupid, I should have say it this way. Yes, one source
package building 2 binaries containing the same app with different Depends:.

> I haven't tried that way of doing it - try viewing the packages in
> deb-gview and make sure that the each postinst is a real file
> within the Debian data of the .deb.

I know it works as I had a look with "mc" and it seems that the file is
create in the package correctly. I just wanted to check here with you
guys if it was "of good practice" to do things like that.

> I was actually expecting these to be two separate packages - it isn't
> good to create files just for testing within the package itself. If
> there are files that you can use, fine. If not, you may need to call
> 'dpkg' to check which version is installed.

How, when I have package2 providing package1? What the best way to check?


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