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Re: Few questions

Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Neil Williams wrote:
>> I haven't tried that way of doing it - try viewing the packages in
>> deb-gview and make sure that the each postinst is a real file
>> within the Debian data of the .deb.
> I know it works as I had a look with "mc" and it seems that the file is
> create in the package correctly. I just wanted to check here with you
> guys if it was "of good practice" to do things like that.

Just wanted to follow-up on this one is somebody do a search and finds
this thread.

First, I went with the master.postinst copied to package1 then package2,
as symlinks are problematic with CVS (I know... we should switch to SVN,
just too lazy to switch...).

Second, for that config file problem, the solution (given by my sponsor
Daniel Baumann) was to create a package-common that holds the
configuration files in /etc. This way there is no conflict.


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