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Few questions


I have few questions that would help me to solve things in my package. I
have package1 and package2 being same but with different dependencies,
so the user can choose between them.

First, if my package produces many binaryies, is it ok to do symlinks of
the postinst if they are same. Like:

debian/package1.postinst would link to debian/package2.postinst

Second, in my package1.config script, I need to know what is the name of
the package that is currently being configured (because I'd like that
it's same script for package1 and package2 using a symlink). Is it
available in a shell variable?

Third, as I have debian/package1.cron.d and debian/package2.cron.d being
the same, I've renamed them debian/package1.package1.cron.d and
debian/package2.package1.cron.d and used dh_installcron --name=package1
to be sure that those 2 config files are same. But when I look in
/etc/cron.d there is no package1 cron script, even if it's in
debian/package2/etc/cron.d/package1 when I have a look after a build.
Any idea why?

Thanks for those who will help.


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