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Re: Required package in build-deps?

Hi Laurent!

On 1/29/07, Laurent Bigonville <l.bigonville@edpnet.be> wrote:
Sould I add procps package to the build-deps or is this a problem
with buildd?

I am not 100% sure, but based on the explanation below, I would say
that you need to add procps as a build-dep:

cdebootstrap has 3 flavours of choot and one of them is "build -
buildd chroot". The other are minimal and standard.
Looking at /usr/share/cdebootstrap/sid/packages, we can see:

Section: base
Arch: any
Packages: apt, apt-utils

Section: build

Section: standard
Arch: any

So it seems "build" doesn't include all packages with priority
required (it is a basic system + build-essential).

Your package fails to build on a chroot created with the build variant
(you can test it with pbuilder). The little that I understand is that
buildds have the same environment as as the build variant of

Please, someone correct me if I said something wrong.

Best regards,

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