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Re: Subject: RFS: mantis (updated package)

Good Morning Daniel,

Daniel Baumann wrote:
> schönfeld / in-medias-res wrote:
>> http://just-imho.net/~schoenfeld/debian-devel/mantis-1.0.6.tar.gz
> the patches need to be -p1, not -p0. that's all :)

well that did what it should did. Another problem:

You mentioned that it does not make much sense to use a patch system and
modifying checkin.php directly. Normally, i agree, but then i will have
to add a lintian override to my package, because to remove the change
and instead add it as a patch does lead into an lintian E on the .changes.

E: mantis: wrong-path-for-interpreter #!/usr/local/bin/php !=
/usr/bin/php (./usr/share/mantis/www/core/checkin.php)

What should i do, to do it right? Use a lintian override for now and
inform the lintian developers about it? Because i think it can be
considered as a lintian bug which occurs when using dpatch (or similar

So far i'm ready with my changes. I just saw a few things here and there
and will recheck if I've incorporated all the changes you've requested.


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