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Re: Subject: RFS: mantis (updated package)

Hi Daniel,

thanks for your quick response. Most of the things i will change until
tomorrow, but there are a few questions/comments.

Daniel Baumann schrieb:
> Patrick Schönfeld wrote:
>> http://just-imho.net/~schoenfeld/debian-devel/mantis_1.0.6-1.dsc
>   * if you're including the dpatch.make in rules, you can skip the
>     definition of patch/unpatch targets. look at 9base for an example.

For some reason this failed in this package ago for one of the patches,
which was stated not to be found. Well, I've changed much since then,
maybe it will work as supposed now.

>   * what is debian/patches/DPATCH intended to be for?

It does provide the -patch/-unpatch arguments and handling for them.
Just catting patches into dpatch templates did not work for me.

> if you fix above things, i'll sponsor mantis.

Happy to hear this. You will hear from me latest tomorrow.

Best Regards


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