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Re: new here

Am Donnerstag, dem 23. Nov 2006 schrieb Thibaut Paumard:

> > Now I have some questions. The program lintian moans about missing
> > manpages. Is it really necessary to write a manpage for each and every
> > small script; even if it's just two lines?
> Yes, see Policy, 12.1:
>  `Each program, utility, and function should have an associated manual
>  page included in the same package.' 

Okay, for one small script I solved it with a symlink to a related
Another manpage must still be written though. :-(

> > One directory in the package should have restricted privileges. 
> > What is the best way to achieve that?
> Sorry, not sure for that one. I can just tell you the relevant section
> in Policy is 10.9.

I haven't found the answer there.

> > Is the user and group "www-data" guaranteed to exist in Debian and
> > derivates? Even when no webserver is installed?
> Have a look at the master files in the base-passwd package: user and
> group www-data are there. Short answer: yes.


> > The program dh_make(?) has put the files config.guess and config.sub
> > into my source-tree. Are they really needed? I dont use autoconf or
> > automake, but I have written my own configure command, which doesn't use
> > them.
> dh_make puts lots of stuff in you newly created package (although I'm
> surpised it put anything above the debian directory). Just remove
> whatever you don't need.

I deleted the files, but dpkg-buildpackage created them again.

Thanks for your answers!


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