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Re: RFS: libdiscid

James Westby wrote:
> Hi, I cannot sponsor, but I have a few comments.
>   * You shouldn't use ${Source-Version} in debian/control any more
>     http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2006/09/msg00228.html

The policy suggests to use ${Source-Version}. I'd rather stick to it until it's
changed there.


>   * Your Standards-Version is out of date.


>   * Your debian/copyright is slighly lacking. You should note which
>     files go with each copyright statement. Also there is at least one
>     file not under the GPL, and this should be noted and it's license
>     included.

No file from that tarball under the GPL. :)

There are two files with originally non-LGPL licenses, but in both cases the
original license allows you to relicense. After relicensing is the whole tarball
under LGPL.

>   * Add a copyright and license statement about your debian/packaging.

I'd prefer not to. AFAIK, it's not mentioned in any official documentation that
I should.

>   * DEB_DH_MAKESHLIBS_ARGS = -V in debian/rules seems a little tight.
>     Are you sure you want this?

I used one my other package as a template and forgot to remove it, it's not
needed in this case.

>   * Please add a watch file.



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