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Le dimanche 01 octobre 2006 à 17:03 +0300, Thierry Randrianiriana a
écrit :
> Fixed, sorry 'libmp4v2-dev' missed in Build-Depends .

libmp4v2-dev is not in the official archive! You must have got your copy
from debian-multimedia.org

So that the package builds fine, you have to remove mp4v2 support.
Aslo, you might want to build your package in a clean chroot thanks to
pbuilder to check the build-dependencies.

Here are my other comments about the package: 
* I would consider changing the short description for something like
"highly interoperable media player" (without article...)
* Please add an extra-space before the Homepage: pseudo-header in
* The copyright information are not clear to me, an dI think you missed
quite a lot of copyrighted files in debian/copyright
* You should not include empty doc files (NEWS and TODO) in your package
* Your package misses man pages for some binaries (bmp-enqueue-uris-2.0,
bmp-play-files-2.0, bmp-play-lastfm-2.0, binary-without-manpage, bmp2).
As for bmp2, you can simply symlink to beep-media-player-2 

As a side note, I find it quite misleading that the package (and the
source tarball) is called bmpx whereas the main executable
is /usr/bin/beep-media-player-2. Shouldn't the binary package be called
beep-media-player-2 (whereas the source package remains bmpx)? Why do
other think?

Also, FAM is supported according to the README (ok, "for the moment"), I
think it would be better to build against FAM, as gamin is considered
obsolete in Debian (at least by the GNOME team), and a small number of
packages depend on it (see apt-cache rdepends gamin libgamin0

Please note that I am not a DD, I cannot upload your package and may
have missed a lot of things when reviewing your package...


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