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Re: RFS: inotail -- inotify enhanced tail (updated package, again)

On (30/09/06 23:12), Daniel Baumann wrote:
> James Westby wrote:
> > The only changes I would make would be to add a watch file and to change 
> > "License" to "License and Copyright" in debian/copyright.
> Since Tobias is also the upstream author, a watch file does not really
> make sense.

Note that I was careful to say "only changes I would make". 

As for the more general point watch files are not only useful for the
maintainer (though they are primarily useful to them), but can also aid
the work of the QA group, so I don't think they should be dismissed out
of hand in these situations. However all I ask is that the maintainer
consider adding one, as it is obviously their choice.

> To the latter, I disagree. It is right how I uploaded it[0].

I prefer to make the distinction between the License and Copyright, they
are not the same thing. 

Thanks for uploading. 


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