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Re: Sponsor for 'hotkeyd' using the input event device

also sprach Christopher Zimmermann <madroach@zakweb.de> [2006.07.29.2351 +0100]:
> I know that there are already tools performing similar tasks like
> hotkeys. But all of them rely on X. My script will work even without a
> xserver running. The downside of this approach is that you cannot use
> the daemon to start programs like your browser, mail client and such.

Why not? We really should have a proper script in /usr/bin that does

  XAUTHORITY=$(ps ax | sed -rne 's,.*/usr/bin/X .*-auth ([-/:._[:alnum:]]+).*,\1,p')

but it should make sure that it's selecting the right X server when
there are more than one running.

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