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Sponsor for 'hotkeyd' using the input event device


I wrote a small daemon in perl which listens for keystrokes on
the /dev/input/event[0123] input event devices and executes small
commands or even complex scripts when certain keys are pressed.

I know that there are already tools performing similar tasks like
hotkeys. But all of them rely on X. My script will work even without a
xserver running. The downside of this approach is that you cannot use
the daemon to start programs like your browser, mail client and such.
A thing I'm not so sure about is the way I use the input.h kernel
header. Is this a clean approach?

I debianized this script and wrote some documentation for it. I believe
the archieve of 21kb is not too big, so I just attach it to the mail.
Please don't rip my head off for it!

Now I'm looking for a sponsor to include this package in debian.

kind regards, 
Christopher Zimmermann

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