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Advice with static only library

Hi mentors!

I am with one doubt. I have a program that creates some binary files
and a static library (no shared library).
After talking with the upstream author, he said that his program is
very stable and it makes everything that he wants (and he won't modify
it to include dynamic libraries, for example).

The Debian Library Packaging Guide suggests this:

Using statically linked libraries open up a can of worms. Even if
upstream does not come up with a shared library, it might be better to
use the -release flag to add a Debian specific version string, like
debian.20020512. Constructing the version number including the string
debian, and the date should make the version number unique.

Now the doubt: do I provide the static library only or do I create
shared librarys, as suggested?

Thank you!

Best regards,

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