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Re: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath documentation

On Fri, Jul 14, 2006 at 09:57:26AM -0400, Charles Fry wrote:
> > So please, please, please do fix (remove) the rpath in the package.
> I would appreciate any tips on how to go about fixing this. My package
> is courierpassd, currently only available in unstable. It depends on
> courier-authlib which currently uses /usr/lib/courier-authlib.

If the library is private to that package, then it is a bug of your package to
use it.  In that case, the bug cannot be fixed other than by convincing the
relevant people to make the libary public.

If the library is meant to be public, then you should file a serious bug
against the package, citing policy 10.2.  In that case, using an rpath as long
as that bug isn't fixed seems ok.  When it is fixed (and the library is moved
to /usr/lib), you will want to get rid of the rpath by rebuilding (without a
-L option).

> I can't figure out how to get my binary to work correctly without the rpath.
> Is there something that I can do to make it work, or should I file a bug in
> courier-authlib requesting that they use /usr/lib?

You probably should.  Seeing that the library is indeed in a package of its
own, it's obviously meant to be used by other packages, which makes it public.
Therefore it should be installed to /usr/lib.

> Any detail that you are able to provide justifying this would be
> helpful, especially to motivate any bugs that need to be filed to get
> this fixed.

Policy 10.2:
	Packages containing shared libraries that may be linked to by other
	packages' binaries, but which for some _compelling_ reason can not be
	installed in /usr/lib directory...


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