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Re: RFS: gtkradiant

On Tuesday 04 July 2006 14:05, Frits Daalmans wrote:
> Hello George,


> thanks for the feedback. I put the modules and plugins in
> /usr/lib/games/gtkradiant/ now. (version 1.5.0-4)

You are correct. For games /usr/lib/games hierarchy is used in addition to 
the /usr/share/games.

> I also tried to do a bit of code-cleanup (dpatch nr.
> 50_minor_warnings.dpatch) but I didn't take a look at all those
> signed-unsigned comparisons.
> And I compile with g++-4.1.2; I think I understand why it is important
> to build against the correct target; however unstable is always changing;
> would it then be better to compile against etch?

Normally packages go through unstable (or experimental, which is not a 
compelete suite). But unstable's volatility is not a problem as long as your 
Build-Depens/Depends/Conflicts/etc declarations are correct. Packages are 
being moved to testing with respect to their dependencies and some other 
things[1]. Well, yes, you can also build and upload to testing, but that is a 
rather special case[2].


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